John MacMenamin - Designer Developer - Houston Texas


UX Designer,
Full Stack Developer,
self-driven all around


When open lines of communication, creativity, and the best technology combine with a motivated team who have a clear vision of the road ahead, amazing things will happen. I know this to be the case because I try to keep this sense of purpose and drive in every project I am involved with.

UI/UX Paradigm

From my experience, UI/UX is about translation from business requirements to an effortless experience. I must understand the user before wishing to be understood, then be able to clearly communicate to him or her. It is also important to make certain nothing gets in their way, impeding them from the expected experience. The more I can reduce distraction, friction and uncertainty the better the results will be.

Responsive Web Design

I began to familiarize myself with this solution as I was frustrated with maintaining multiple platforms on multiple projects. I understood that apps were important in many circumstances but highly believed that there had to be a more fluid and efficient solution for websites. Over the years I have done 20+ projects with Responsive Design using integrative technologies and methodologies such as: Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, and the Golden Grid. Currently Twitter Bootstrap 3 is my go to framework.

By implementing responsive and mobile first solutions, I have seen client results of increased leads and lower bounce rates. In one particular project this last year, I was able to offer a responsive solution that in one month increased the customer's leads by 200%.

MV* Frameworks & Code Automation

The use of MV*'s such as React, Angular, and Ember offer great performances advantages due to a reduction in HTTP requests, reduced Javascript weight, and allows a project to be more scale-able in areas like e-commerce and account dashboards. Currently I am building example apps with Angular 1.4, and learning the bleeding edge Angular 2.0, that should be released in 2017.

With the modern web being a responsive reality we need tools that allow us to develop with readable uncompressed files that are able to be debugged and maintained. Then when we are ready to go to production we can concatenate, test, minify our source into compressed .js and .css files. Today we have those tools with the development of: Grunt and Gulp Node plugins and other technology. We can now automate the process of doing tasks like QA testing and optimizing images. All these things help web pages and apps to load more quickly, and save server resources.


I believe in working with passionate people who are forward thinking. People who believe in pixel perfection, performance and clean scalable automated code. I believe in co-creation, surrounding myself with innovative minds who want to change the world of marketing and communication. If you are looking for a Senior Front-End Developer who has a seasoned design eye or a UX Designer who knows what to deliver for cutting edge responsive development, send me an email or a text and let's discover if we can work together.